About Us

The Vegan Bunny was founded by Eliza and Clayton in 2019
Eliza was brought up on farms with working farming parents. Her father was an intensive pig and chicken farmer and her mother was a shepherdess. She remembers picking up the piglets tails from the floor after they had been cut off and picking up dead chicks. She would watch her mum feel the lambs to see which ones are suitable for slaughter and would tag their ears and send them on their way. She went vegetarian at the age of 12. Her parents are no longer farmers and her mother is vegan and her father is vegetarian.
In 2011 Eliza found Bun who was listed as free to a good home on an online marketplace. She traveled 3 hours to Plymouth to pick him up where she was met with the cutest rabbit in a cardboard box. From that day forward he opened both Eliza’s and Clayton’s hearts and eyes to the innocence of animals, their individuality and their right to freedom.
Bun got them thinking, not only about him but all animals and that's when they both decided to make the change from vegetarian to vegan. After Buns recent passing over the rainbow bridge Eliza and Clayton wanted to continue spreading the compassion that Bun had passed onto them by creating beautiful, colourful vegan apparel and home and living products.
10% of profits go to the amazing Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary