Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

We proudly donate 10% of our monthly profits to the amazing Essex based Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary was founded in 1993 with a mission to provide care and a forever home to animals in need. With over 550 rescued animals, the sanctuary is run solely by the incredible Fiona & Martin. Whether they be retired race horses, ex-fighting dogs or neglected and abused farm animals, they are all given love, respect, medical care and a peaceful place to live at THS.

Fiona also works tirelessly to promote a cruelty free lifestyle achieved through appearances in documentaries & Fiona's marathon results which demonstrate that as a Vegan, Fiona is an incredibly strong athlete with tremendous endurance.

The sanctuary is not a business & there are no staff (other than Fiona & Martin). They do have a small team of ad hoc volunteers who help by collecting bread & produce from the supermarket to help feed some of the animals, but even with this they desperately need help with feed costs and other expenses. 

If you like to know more about the sanctuary, and discover more ways you can help support this incredible sanctuary, please visit their site here